Making Better Use of Your Time (Podcast Episode 17)

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I remember a fascinating conversation with physicist Brian Greene on the subject of time. He said that scientifically, there really is no explanation of now. We know what the past is and we know what the future is but now is not quantifiable. Yet, in many ways nothing is more important than now. To me that demonstrates the slipperiness of time.

How we perceive the speed of time is also fascinating. Sitting waiting for a movie to start seems to drag on forever. When I sit at the computer trying to figure something out for what seems like ten minutes turns out to have been an hour.

Is there a way to get a better handle on time? What if we could control how we perceive time so we could actually feel as if we are slowing it down or speeding up? That would be pretty cool.

So invite you to listen to this wonderful conversation with Marney Makridakis who is author of the book, Creating Time. She has a very unusual view of time management. She believes:

• You have more time than you think you do.
• You can control your perception of time.
• There are 2 kinds of time.
• Setting artificial deadlines messes up your perception of time.
• You have a unique relationship with the different clocks in your life.

You will have a very different view of how you manage and spend your time after you listen to this interview.

Please let me hear from you in the comments box below if you have a different take on time or wish to comment on what you hear. And please share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter if you find it enjoyable.

Here is my affiliate link to Marney’s book:

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Making better use of your time.

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