Is Social Media Dead, Dying or Doing Just Fine? (Podcast Episode 9)

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There’s a scene in an episode of the old TV series “WKRP in Cincinnati” where Herb Tarlek, the radio station sales manager, is trying to sell a car dealer on buying radio advertising and the car dealer is trying to sell Herb a new car – all in the same conversation. Both are just blurting out their sales pitch and neither is listening to the other.

That scene popped into my head when as I was interviewing Lon Safko for this podcast. Lon is brilliant when it comes to social media and was one of the early believers in its potential. Now ten years later, Lon’s message is very different.

Why? Everybody is talking (posting and tweeting) and nobody’s listening – just like Herb Tarlek and his car dealer buddy.

How bad is the problem and how do we combat that? Is social media dead? That is what you’ll hear in this podcast – and if you use social media for any reason, I think you’ll find what Lon has to say quite fascinating.

lon safkoLon Safko is the author of The Social Media Bible and The Fusion Marketing Bible

You can find Lon

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