Finding Success In What You Do Now (Podcast Epsode 16)

success in what you do now

Is success always off in the distance? For many people success is that pot at the end of the rainbow we can never seems to find. Perhaps it has something to do with how we each define success. Often is that one big thing….”when I make a million dollars..” or “When I start my own business…”

randy kay

Randy Kay

When you take a more holistic view of success, you may find you already are successful in many ways. That’s the view taken by Randy Kay a very successful entrepreneur in his own right and author of the book Daily Keys to Success

Randy believes there are 6 elements to success:

  • Career
  • Social life
  • Spiritual life
  • Community
  • Financial life
  • Physical well being

Without something to show in all those areas, it is hard to be a true success. Join me and listen to this podcast of my interview with Randy Kay as he discusses finding success in what you do now. Specifically he talks about how:

  • Success is unique to each individual
  • Success requires constant learning
  • Finding your true calling
  • Success is not about chasing that 1 big achievement

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