Using Your Dark Side to Succeed and Achieve (Podcast Episode 12)

dark side success

Admit it. You are hiding a BIG part of you. It’s that part you don’t want anyone else to see. The part of you that gets angry, frustrated, sad, selfish – even mean sometimes. That’s your “dark side.” We hide that side of ourselves because we believe it turns people off and gets in the […]

How To Create Trust In A Low – Trust World


Do you think people are trustworthy? I like to think so – though there are many cases in my life where that proved NOT to be the case. Stephen M.R. Covey,  (son of Stephen Covey of  7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame) studied trust for his book Smart Trust and he believes people ARE […]

Is Being Too Nice A Liability?


Most people consider me to be a nice guy.  For the most part being a jerk doesn’t suit me. But I have worked with some jerks – some really big jerks. And I have witnessed how they often get what they demand because they create fear in others. People placate jerks to help turn down […]

Essential Skills To Be A Better Listener (Podcast 006)

be a better listener

Shut up, pay attention, lean in, paraphrase and mirror back. That’s the standard “be a better listener” advice. And it’s fine as far as it goes. In this podcast you’ll discover how to take your listening skills to an entirely new level.

How To Solve A Problem Better

how to solve a problem

The simple solution is to ask for help. But that is only part of it. Let me tell you a story… I have a friend but I cannot tell you his name. I am sworn to secrecy. So many people want to talk to him already and many more WOULD want to talk to him […]

How To Create Good Luck

  As luck would have it, you can create good luck in your life. That’s a good thing because luck and chance plays a much bigger role in your success than you might imagine. And when you understand how it all works, you can actually create more of it. Luck functions in two ways:

How To Change Any Habit (Podcast 003)


I’ve never thought of myself as particularly good at adopting new habits. Like most people, I try things but they don’t stick so I tend to revert back to my old ways unless I get very intentional about it. Sound familiar?