How To Create Trust In A Low – Trust World


Do you think people are trustworthy? I like to think so – though there are many cases in my life where that proved NOT to be the case. Stephen M.R. Covey,  (son of Stephen Covey of  7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame) studied trust for his book Smart Trust and he believes people ARE […]

How to Give Criticism and Still Be Friends (Podcast Episode 11)


           I know I don’t really respond well to criticism. I’m not sure who does. Who wants to be criticized? But taking criticism is necessary if you want to get better – and giving criticism is necessary because it is often part of the job. The word criticism has a negative connotation to it. So […]

7 Secrets to Better Public Speaking (Podcast Episode 10)

better public speaking

It is one of the greatest fears of human beings – the fear of public speaking. Yet you will have to do it if you haven’t already. So how do you reduce the fear and nervousness and deliver what people came to see and here? In this podcast you will hear 7 secrets to better […]

Is Being Too Nice A Liability?


Most people consider me to be a nice guy.  For the most part being a jerk doesn’t suit me. But I have worked with some jerks – some really big jerks. And I have witnessed how they often get what they demand because they create fear in others. People placate jerks to help turn down […]

The Biggest Threat To Your Success


What’s the biggest threat to your success? It’s your health. But wait! Don’t stop reading thinking this is just another, “Eat less, exercise more”  lecture. It’s not, I promise. It’s bigger than that. Here’s a concept that has stuck with me for a long time:

Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

where great ideas come from

Great ideas can appear to come from almost anywhere. They can result from thoughtful research or they can pop in your head while you are taking a shower. More often they seem to come from combining two existing – and often unrelated ideas.

Essential Skills To Be A Better Listener (Podcast 006)

be a better listener

Shut up, pay attention, lean in, paraphrase and mirror back. That’s the standard “be a better listener” advice. And it’s fine as far as it goes. In this podcast you’ll discover how to take your listening skills to an entirely new level.

How To Solve A Problem Better

how to solve a problem

The simple solution is to ask for help. But that is only part of it. Let me tell you a story… I have a friend but I cannot tell you his name. I am sworn to secrecy. So many people want to talk to him already and many more WOULD want to talk to him […]

5 Image Mistakes You May Be Making

image mistakes

  Appearance counts. People judge you by what they see. And that judgement  sticks with them for a long time. So why make image mistakes that can count against you. In this video we look at: