Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

where great ideas come from

Great ideas can appear to come from almost anywhere. They can result from thoughtful research or they can pop in your head while you are taking a shower. More often they seem to come from combining two existing – and often unrelated ideas.

Essential Skills To Be A Better Listener (Podcast 006)

be a better listener

Shut up, pay attention, lean in, paraphrase and mirror back. That’s the standard “be a better listener” advice. And it’s fine as far as it goes. In this podcast you’ll discover how to take your listening skills to an entirely new level.

How To Solve A Problem Better

how to solve a problem

The simple solution is to ask for help. But that is only part of it. Let me tell you a story… I have a friend but I cannot tell you his name. I am sworn to secrecy. So many people want to talk to him already and many more WOULD want to talk to him […]

5 Image Mistakes You May Be Making

image mistakes

  Appearance counts. People judge you by what they see. And that judgement  sticks with them for a long time. So why make image mistakes that can count against you. In this video we look at:

How To Create Good Luck

  As luck would have it, you can create good luck in your life. That’s a good thing because luck and chance plays a much bigger role in your success than you might imagine. And when you understand how it all works, you can actually create more of it. Luck functions in two ways:

The Risks of Not Taking Risks – (Video Podcast 004)

taking risks

In this, the fourth podcast (but the FIRST video podcast) I discuss risk taking. It turns out that people near the end of their lives are more likely to regret NOT taking risks than taking them. It is the road NOT taken. What have you thought about doing but worried that it was TOO risky? […]

Think Like A Genius


So many people say, “Oh, I’m not really the creative type.” But I don’t believe that for a second. What separates human beings from every other creature on earth is our ability to think, create and solve problems. When you think you are not creative, it can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s a real […]

How To Change Any Habit (Podcast 003)


I’ve never thought of myself as particularly good at adopting new habits. Like most people, I try things but they don’t stick so I tend to revert back to my old ways unless I get very intentional about it. Sound familiar?

4 Steps To Meeting New People


Networking and really connecting with new people is hard – and often painful. The conversation typically goes something like this…