How Attitude Makes Or Breaks Success


To do anything well, you have to be skilled. But skill isn’t everything. Your attitude – how you deal with people and how you fit in, is incredibly important. When people fail at their job (and a lot of people do) about 90% fail because of their attitude – they just didn’t fit the culture […]

The Myth of Hard Work

treadmill hard work

Hard work and long hours have never been strangers to me. But out of the corner of my eye, I’ve always noticed those people who never seem to break that “career sweat.” Their success seems to come much more effortlessly. Sure, they stay late when they have too – but they don’t usually. I have […]

7 Secrets to Better Public Speaking (Podcast Episode 10)

better public speaking

It is one of the greatest fears of human beings – the fear of public speaking. Yet you will have to do it if you haven’t already. So how do you reduce the fear and nervousness and deliver what people came to see and here? In this podcast you will hear 7 secrets to better […]

5 Image Mistakes You May Be Making

image mistakes

  Appearance counts. People judge you by what they see. And that judgement  sticks with them for a long time. So why make image mistakes that can count against you. In this video we look at:

The Risks of Not Taking Risks – (Video Podcast 004)

taking risks

In this, the fourth podcast (but the FIRST video podcast) I discuss risk taking. It turns out that people near the end of their lives are more likely to regret NOT taking risks than taking them. It is the road NOT taken. What have you thought about doing but worried that it was TOO risky? […]

4 Steps To Meeting New People


Networking and really connecting with new people is hard – and often painful. The conversation typically goes something like this…

Marketing Basics (Podcast 002)


Is good marketing dead? With 35 + years of experience, Steve Cone, author of Steal These Ideas!: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star (Bloomberg) has some terrific insight into the subject.