The Business of Starting Your Own Business (Podcast Episode 15)


Have you thought about starting your own business? Probably. Who hasn’t? But how do you get started? That’s the topic of this podcast.

Of course starting a business can be risky. We have all heard that the majority of new businesses fail – and it is true. Now, not to be a downer but before we jump into the” how” of starting a business, you ‘ll hear from Scott Shane author of

Scott Shane

Scott Shane

The Illusions ofEntrepreneurship who speaks frankly about just how successful most entrepreneurs are – and what are some of the big mistakes and missteps they make.

Scott’s comments will keep your feet firmly on the ground. Then you’ll hear from Jim Beach. A serial entrepreneur who has written a book called School for Startups. Jim has great insight into how to start a business with very little risk and very little creativity. He talks about:

Jim Beach

Jim Beach

  • What kind of business to start
  • How much money you should spend
  • Why you should consider a business that also has international customers
  • How the government can help you
  • How Bill Gates almost broke entrepreneurship
  • Real stories of people who made a success with very little risk

If starting a business is something you’ve always dreamed of – listening to this podcast will be well worth it. You will walk away with some great ideas off exactly how to get started and what to watch out for.

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