How Attitude Makes Or Breaks Success


To do anything well, you have to be skilled. But skill isn’t everything. Your attitude – how you deal with people and how you fit in, is incredibly important. When people fail at their job (and a lot of people do) about 90% fail because of their attitude – they just didn’t fit the culture and/or they weren’t motivated enough. That’s according to Mark Murphy author of the book Hiring for Attitude.

Listen as he talks about the importance of attitude in today’s business world. He discusses:

  • How skills have become a commodity – a lot of people can do what you do. It’s your attitude that makes the difference.

    Mark Murphy

    Mark Murphy

  • How it’s important to identify the businesses where you will fit in rather than try to fit in where you don’t belong.
  • There is no one universal “best” attitude.
  • The importance of being “coachable.”
  • Why over 2,000 companies report that the best source of new employees is company referrals.

We spend a lot of time making sure we have the skills for the job but fitting in with the people you work with may be even more important. I think after you listen to Mark you’ll have a really good understanding of how important your attitude really is.

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How Attitude Makes Or Breaks Success


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